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08.10.2008 Roadmap to nowhere
Now GIMP 2.6 is out and people are wondering when packages will be out. Unfortunately, things are not going very well at Wilber-Loves-Apple. What used to be a community has been maintained by a single individual (me) for quite some time now, after everyone disappeared, leaving the project at a lack of packagers and contributors. At the same time, my amount of free time has diminished progressively.

Furthermore, GIMP for mac projects are being multiplicated. Apart from WLA, there also is, not counting commercial project macgimp and even macports - but, last but not least least, the all-new gimponosx project that was basically created as a result of disagreements and misunderstandings between Simone (who wrote most of our build instructions) and me. I am not necessarly criticizing her for this, however since she is now offering GIMP 2.6, and since our community is being reduced to a single individual who doesn't have the time to do it properly anymore, Wilber-Loves-Apple has very little use anymore.

For all the details of this rather sad story see this forum thread.

I hope someone will continue bringing GIMP to the mac. I may still get involved but not anymore as project leader. I wish good luck to all of those that will make it still possible for GIMP to run on mac in the future.

29.08.2008 GIMP 2.4.7 available for mac OS X 10.5/Intel
Packages for the Leopard version of GIMP 2.4.7 (intel architecture) are now available on the downloads page! Thanks to theonehorst for providing the package.
24.08.2008 GIMP 2.4.7 available on PPC
Packages for GIMP 2.4.7 (PPC architecture) are now available on the downloads page! Intel packages will follow as soon as they are contributed.
20.08.2008 GIMP Help 2.4.1 ready for download
The GIMP help files 2.4.1 are now available in the downloads area!
24.06.2008 GIMP 2.4.6 for Tiger/Intel
GIMP 2.4.6 is now available for Tiger/Intel systems thanks to theBB! Check the downlaods page.

GIMP 2.4.6 is now available for all systems. Thanks to everyone who contributed.
06.06.2008 GIMP 2.4.6 for Leopard/Intel
GIMP 2.4.6 is now available for Leopard/Intel systems! Check the downlaods page.

We are still looking for a Tiger/Intel builder (visit the forum and build instructions in how-to for more info).
01.06.2008 GIMP 2.4.6
GIMP 2.4.6 downloads are now available for 10.4/PPC and 10.5/PPC! Builds for intel computers will come as soon as they are contributed.
15.04.2008 New 10.4 Tiger Intel build
Thanks to theBB, we now have an updated Tiger Intel build with all the latest changes. Thanks everyone for responding so quickly to our call for packagers!
30.03.2008 Major fixes : packagers wanted
Recently, several major problems were fixed in our build procedure :

  • Fixed crashes by switching to a different theme (the previously used theme engine was causing the crashes)
  • Fixed python scripts support
  • Fixed EPS/postscript support
  • Fixed xterm appearing on launch on Tiger 10.4 systems
    These fixes have already appeared in the new Tiger/PPC and Leopard/INTEL build. We need packagers to provide builds for all other platforms, so everyone can get a copy of GIMP with all those fixes! Packaging GIMP does not require you to be a programmer, visit the Development section of our forum where you can get more information and get in touch with us.

    Update : we got an updated Leopard/PPC build, thanks Chachi and welcome to the team!
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    17.03.08 Change in the forum
    We decided to close our own forum and join They offer a much wider spectrum of topics, so we think all matters of support can be served. Thanks again guys...

    I will also leave this project as an admin because of personal reasons. Auria will be the new allmighty admin and you can also find her at as a moderator.

    Thanks for all the help and I hope to see you all at

    Greets Christoph (theonehorst)